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Company Profile

Ecotherm has been operating for many years providing integrated technologies and services for environmental protection. In this trade sector, the company has reached a leading position in the Italian market.

Ecotherm, thanks to the know-how, developed over 40 years of experience on more than 1500 sites, is able to manage all potential environmental issues, in the industry and in the territory, by providing competitive solutions.

Ecotherm offers services to its Customers covering the entire spectrum of environmental activities: due-diligence, technical and legislative consulting, design, implementation and management of contaminated site remediation projects, big tanks cleaning and industrial wastes management.

Ecotherm has four operative locations in Italy: Pomezia (RM), Rome, Cagliari, Genoa and Asti.

Ecotherm’s work-teams are multidisciplinary and consist mainly of engineers, geologists and chemists, supported in field activities by technical teams and modern technologies.
Ecotherm is classified in the National Register of Environmental Management Companies, category 9 “contaminated site remediation” class A (unlimited amount) and 10 B “asbestos removal” class C.

Ecotherm is in possession of the certification to perform public assignments, category OG12 (Remediation Works and Environmental Protection) class VIII (unlimited amount).

Ecotherm’s integrated quality and safety system is certified in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2008 requirements, thanks to a set of procedures that enable to offer and maintain high service quality standards.

Ecotherm, has implemented an organization and management control model, according to Italian Law, and an Internal Code of Ethics.


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Environmental Consulting

Ecotherm provides its Customers with environmental consulting services to design interventions and remediation techniques, environmental baseline studies, site investigations, impact assessments,  permitting procedures, regulatory compliance, environmental liability assessment and due diligence, geological and geotechnical studies, environmental impact studies and territory planning, technical and economic feasibility studies, investment studies and stakeholder engagement services for new and existing sites

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Remediation of Contaminated Sites

Ecotherm designs and executes contaminated site remediation activities, from design phase to realization of direct and indirect preliminary investigations, to consequent adoption of the correct remediation technical solution, using available international Best Practices. In addition, Ecotherm can perform periodic monitoring of the environmental matrices, until obtaining the final remediation certification.

Due Diligence

Ecotherm carries out environmental due diligence to support Customers managing environmental liabilities on residential or industrial property (for acquisition, reconversion or sale). Using a 2 phases approach for initial surveys and subsequent detailed assessments of environmental liabilities, Ecotherm manages the whole activity until obtaining the environmental certification if necessary.

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Waste Management

Ecotherm manages any kind of industrial waste, guaranteeing the best technical and economic solutions, developed over 40 years of experience, relying on an industrial partnership network with waste disposal plants in the Italian territory.

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Industrial and Asbestos Recovery

Ecotherm designs and performs industrial decommissioning projects of production plants or units, taking care of residual waste disposal and recovery treatment through mobile plants. Ecotherm performs the remediation of structures containing asbestos following the entire operational phase: the initial assessment, the emergency measures, the design of the intervention, the realization of the final reclamation with the disposal of materials containing asbestos.

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Extraction of Large Tanks (System C.O.W.)

Ecotherm operates large oil tanks cleaning adopting an international patent technology (C.O.W. System), which minimizes human intervention and allows recovering the entire hydrocarbon residue.

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